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Best Sativa ~ Dutch 47

Trail Blazin' ~ Producer

BLAZING TRAILS IS WHAT WE DO That is why Trail Blazin’ product is now Department of Health Compliant. What does that even mean? General Use Compliant product has been tested for over 50 pesticides and heavy metals!

Family Owned & Operated DANIELLE AND JUDDY ROSELLISON: Sustainably growing premium cannabis in Bellingham, WA with Love.

Blazin’ Strains Always pesticide free, sustainably grown, hand trimmed premium cannabis.

Sativa – That pep in your step you are looking for: Blazin’ Grapefruit Blazin’ Dutch-47 – Award Winner! Blazin’ Nightfire OG Blazin’ Strawberry Cough – Award Winner! Blazin’ Amnesia

Indica – For a heavy body high: Blazin’ 9# Hammer – Award Winner! Blazin’ GG4 Blazin’ Northern Lights

Hybrid – Best of both worlds: Blazin’ Pure Power Plant Blazin’ Cinex Blazin’ Dutch Treat #5 Blazin’ Dutch-Grapefruit Blazin’ Space Wrangler OG 

 CBD – Feel the good vibes throughout your body: Blazin’ Trinity Hash Plant Blazin’ Harlequin – Award Winner! Blazin’ Pennywise – Award Winner!

WEBSITE: http://www.trailblazin.net/

LOCATION(S): Bellingham, Washington