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Ray’s Lemonade

by Michael Carter

Ray's Lemonade

Our Team

Our team of highly-trained cannabis professionals is passionate in their work, because here at Ray’s, we know that devotion and attention to detail can make all the difference when working to deliver the best of the best in marijuana-infused liquid edibles. Chief food scientist Dr. Geyang Wu leads our team and keeps us committed to crafting Washington’s best.

Our Process

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing mix of ingenuity, flavor, and a touch of cannabis.

Our lemonade is designed to bring you a great high, courtesy of the fast-acting THC and CBD oils we use in our product. We currently have seven different flavors available, which you can learn about here. When you open a bottle of Ray’s Infused Lemonade™, you’re preparing to enjoy a delicious drink made with high-quality ingredients.

In Ray’s Infused Lemonade™, we use only the finest cannabis oils, pure and unparalleled. The exact process we use to mix and brew our lemonade is a trade secret, but each bottle has been packed with a perfection you can taste.

Our Facilities

Ray’s Infused Lemonade™ is housed in a WSDA-approved Marijuana Infused Edibles facility, nestled in the picturesque spread of Washington’s northeastern farmlands. Our lemonade is produced with care in a commercial bottling room outfitted with several mixing tanks and an efficient bottling line. Our state-of-the-art Research & Development kitchen works each day to perfect new products and flavors so we can share them with our customers.

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