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Best Hybrid ~ Mimosa

Rocket Cannabis ~ Producer


 From start to finish, no detail has been overlooked in the facility, procedures/processes, and most importantly the flower. Here is a briefing on how we do things at command central.

Every plant starts with a seed, and that’s where our journey begins with every strain. The strains at Rocket Cannabis were selected after a process of identifying the best characteristics (stability, consistency, resin production, smell, taste, effect). Although it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to work through the process, the end result makes it very worthwhile.

We use an in-house custom designed hydroponic grow system. The hydro system provides us with the best ability for consistency. Post harvest every room is carefully taken apart and every piece of the system is put through a high temperature dishwasher that cleans and sanitizes everything. Cleanliness is a high priority throughout the facility.

Not only do we believe in keeping a clean facility, we also feel the same about our plants. During the cloning process a small portion of the cutting is dipped lightly in a rooting gel, at this time the rooting gel (Clonex) is considered a pesticide by the state’s agricultural department. No other chemicals are used on our plants, and that is something the entire crew is proud of. We are able to avoid pests through preventative maintenance of our facility and a robust HVAC system that gives us highly customizable control of our grow environments.

All flower and trim is dried in rooms designed to ensure a slow and cool drying process. The status of the plants is monitored daily via sensors, once the desired level of moisture loss is achieved the plants are then hand trimmed by our experienced employees. Their attention to detail keeps the flower looking natural and maintains the maximum amount of trichomes, a key to potency. It is important that we keep exploring and growing with this budding industry so stay tuned on where Rocket is headed next.  

WEBSITE: http://rocketcannabis.com/

LOCATION(S): Washington