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1st Place Flower ~ White Urkle - 2015

Emerald Janes ~ Producer

Our Story:

Emerald Jane’s sets the industry standards in quality and consistency, producing the most pure and potent, small-batch, boutique-cannabis for adults 21+ in Washington State. Emerald Jane’s is defined by our passion and hands on growing process where each plant is coaxed into reaching its peak potency of cannabinoids, flavor and aroma. By growing in small batches we maximize the attention individual plants can receive from our grower.

From seed to harvest, every stage of growth is optimized for health, purity and potency. Each plant receives a meticulously clean environment and microclimate. Proper pruning, hand trimming, and packaging are the keys to our success. Every single cannabis flower is inspected and scrutinized by our master grower, ensuring that strict quality standards are exceeded every batch.

Emerald Jane’s utilizes traditionally tried and true, old school growing techniques in order to bring the highest quality flowers to market. The philosophy behind our grow is to work in synergy with mother nature without cutting corners for the sake of increased profit margins. We know that maximizing potency, flavor and aroma requires meticulous care that cannot be matched by larger producers.

At Emerald Jane’s, we are rooted in artisanal hand crafted-cannabis. We pride ourselves on quality over quantity and our strict attention to detail provides that level of quality that we’re striving for. Emerald Jane’s welcomes everyone, from the novice to the most discerning connoisseur, to discover the difference with our sophisticated line of products that are sure to take you on a journey of the mind and body. We invite you to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

WEBSITE: http://emeraldjanes.com/

LOCATION(S): Tacoma, Washington

PRODUCTS: Flower, Pre-Rolls and Concentrates.