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Submit Reviews On Our Sponsors To Earn 2X Sativa tokens

We Share Your Reviews With Our Sponsors If You Provide Permission

VIP party exclusive to Sponsors and Sativa Token holders.
(420 SAT tokens per pass/per guest – you may bring guests).

Budtender Review Form Instructions: Fill out the “Budtender Cup Review Form” on the “Submit Review” page to earn 10 Sativa Tokens. Earn an additional 10 tokens when you post your review on your personal Instagram page. Tag @BudtenderCup and add #BudtenderCup to your post details to qualify for extra tokens and random prize drawings.

Consumer Review Form Instructions: Before you fill out the review you MUST post a short review on Instagram with a picture of the barcode and product for verification. The link to the Instagram post will be requested on your Review Form. Tag @BudtenderCup and add #BudtenderCup to your post details.

Budtenders, please use the “Budtender Review” form below. If you are not currently a Budtender at a recreational/medical dispensary, please use the “Consumer Review” below.

Earn more Sativa Tokens by filling out surveys and menu review forms as well.

Learn more about Sativa Tokens and their uses HERE.