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Use Sativa Tokens To Enter Raffles NOW!!! (below)

Use Sativa tokens to trade for industry swag, Budtender Cup merch, VIP tickets to industry parties/events and to enter contests for cash prizes and more!

  • 10-20 tokens earned per “Budtender and Consumer” review (20 with combined Instagram post).
  • Non-Budtender Reviews MUST post to Instagram first to earn your tokens.

Informative and well written Reviews will be selected to publish on our site, online and printed in syndicated publications.
We have worked with Sound Publishing (owners of the Seattle Weekly, Little Nickel and more) in the past to publish Reviews in their newspapers and we will offer the same terms to many new publications as we grow.

This industry needs heroes like you. Your voice and your opinions will shape the future of this industry. Thank you. We salute you and look forward to partying hard with you at the big event!

Earn Tokens without purchase by helping us with Price Research and discovering deals online. Visit cannabis store websites and fill out this “STORE REVIEW FORM” while you study each stores menu.
Earn one Sativa Token per store you research. Earn up to 10 Sativa tokens per day max.

Use your Tokens to enter the Raffles below or trade in your Tokens at Industry Events.


Collectible Cheech & Chong Skateboard Wheels

Rare set of "discontinued" Cheech & Chong 52mm street wheels from Flip Skateboards. Set of 4 in mint condition. Winner will be selected June 30th 2023.

Click Here To Use Sativa Tokens To Enter This Raffle


$100 Cash prize will be given to three winners on June 30th 2023.
Click Here To Use Sativa Tokens To Enter This Raffle