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Brand: Constellation Cannabis
Review By: Noelani
Infused with Solventless Hash Oil – Budget Price

Constellation Infused Pre-rolls are the definition of size doesn’t matter. You get this beautiful, well put together tube that almost reminds you of lipstick. It definitely sets them apart because their packaging is unlike anyone else’s. Then inside you are surprised with not one but 2 of the smallest joints you’ll ever see! But those 2 joints knock a punch and like I said, don’t let size fool you! Need a party joint? Constellation has you covered! Need a joint for hiking!? Constellation’s got you! Need that morning pick me up? Try a constellation with a cup of coffee! I’m telling you, morning, day or night Constellation Pre-rolls are on point!


Brand: Lush
Producer: Quincy Green
Review By: Haley
Edible, Mixed Berries Sticky/gummy Sweet, sour, tangy Sedative Top Shelf, Premium Price

So I never really buy edibles but I had been hearing for months from all of my fellow employees “how strong lush gummies are” I finally caved and bought a bag. (I’m still not a fan of edibles only being 100mg!) Well I ate two candies before I got my eye lashes done and boy was I high. She had a candy bowl outside her office I had like 3 different candies before I got my lashes done, practically fell asleep while she did them because it just felt so nice and I was jiving with the music, and then 3 candies for the drive home. Annnd who knew 20 mg can do that? AND I SMOKE A LOT SO I DID NOT EXPECT IT!! Ps. Don’t drive intoxicated friends



Brand: Cedar Creek Cannabis
Producer: Cedar Creek Cannabis
Review By: Cali
 Sticky, light, slightly fluffy Rated 4 of 5 for aroma/smell spicy, gaseous, sweet Balanced (neither up or down) Top Shelf, Premium Price

 “Calling all space cadets! Will leave your head in the clouds for a few hours at the minimum. One green nug will set your mind and body right for several hours. Mild body high, but definitely a mental checkout. Hits harder than it looks. Warning: red eyes will occur!” Keep up the good work!



Brand: Elevate Cannabis
Pacific Crown Cultivation
Review By: Haley
Firm, not too dry Heavy, Smokey, smooth Uplifting Top Shelf, Premium Price

I love blunts! I am so glad more companies are making pre-rolled blunts! And they use hemp wraps which is awesome! Sorry, Swisher Sweets, but the new game is hemp wraps! This high was so motivating and uplifting. I loved the sweet smooth taste of the blunt with my coffee in the morning. It was a really happy high. Not super energized but just enough to get ya going. Not super potent either so it wasn’t too strong if you happen to have something to do in the morning. (I also tried the dosido #55 which was an indica I would recommend that one more for night time.) The lemon meringue was just right for a quick wake and bake before getting stuff done on my day off and I really enjoyed it – cooked breakfast, did laundry, went grocery shopping, walked the dog! Love the wood tips!!


Jack Herer (Flower) Review

Brand: Cedar Creek Cannabis
Producer: Cedar Creek Cannabis
Review By: Cali
 Kiefy Earthy, piney Uplifting Mid Shelf, Average Price

Zippy! Get stuff done on this strain!


Purple Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien (Flower) Review

Brand: Secret Gardens
Producer: Secret Gardens of Washington
Review By: Madison
Sticky and spongy Sweet creamy and earthy Sedative Top Shelf, Premium Price

Definitely would buy this on my own. Smokes well and gets me really relaxed in the evening.



Miracle Alien Cookies (Flower) Review

Brand: SubX
Review By: James
Perfectly cured, sticky, dense Fruity, sweet, smooth Sedative Top Shelf, Premium Price

I’ve always been a cookies strain skeptic/harsh critic. Subx has changed my way of thinking. I’ve smoked this MAC in joints, out of my bong, my volcano, pipe, etc. and it never disappoints. The creamy aftertaste and the mental and physical high you get when smoking this strain is purely delightful. This strain will also creep, so be careful!


Crumbled Lime (Wax) Review

Brand: Voyager Concentrates
Producer: TrueAeroGrow LLC.
Review By: Joshua
Concentrate – Kief – Wax – Rosin BHO, very golden TEXTURE: Icing Uplifting Top Shelf, Premium Price

Hits lightly with an earthy taste that’s very enjoyable, the back of the throat has tangy citrus notes. After a few minutes a strong very heady high kicks in that’s somewhat relaxing. Good job on putting terp percentages on the back of the package.


Wedding Cake (Vape Cart) Review

Brand: Peak Supply
Producer: Peak Supply
Review By: Haley
Golden reddish It was super sweet. Had a very strong vanilla taste to it. Balanced Mid Shelf, Average Price

I loved this cart! It had a very smooth very nice taste! I haven’t seen any carts from Peak so to get it as a sample was awesome!! I tried their diamonds and sauce and loved it! They also make some cheap oz’s which don’t look too bad either. My dad loves to buy them and I figured who doesn’t love a cartridge for whatever, right. It was super relaxing – Pretty muscle stimulating. A great high for watching Netflix and eating snacks for sure! I love the packaging on the carts and oil! And my customers love those oz’s!


Sour Pineapple (Flower) Review

Brand: Noble Farms
Producer: Noble Farms
Review By: Kristen
Crumbly Sweet Balanced Top Shelf, Premium Price

You get a pungent pineapple smell as soon as you open the jar and the taste is without a doubt tropical. The high left me feeling happy and relaxed, like a little vacation in a jar. Suggestions: Packaging that pops a little more.


Plushberry (Flower) Review

Brand: Suspended Brands
Producer: Suspended Cannabis Co
Review By: Haley

I liked how the bud burned. I tried it first in a bong. Probably will put the rest in the blunt. It was pretty spicy. Most Plushberry I have tried is really sweet, so it was a little bit different. Maybe it just needed to flush more or cure longer. It was pretty strong – got me a little buzzed off the one hit I took. It was nice for after work! Like I said above, it was a little harsh, so maybe flush a little longer or cure it a little longer. I’m not sure, but it was still not bad (:


Stardawg (Concentrate) Review

Brand: Cult Concentrates
Cult Concentrates
Review By: Joshua
Concentrate – Kief – Wax – Rosin Light crumbly consistency made up of
smaller hard granules Strong pine with light citrus and earthy notes.
Extremely clean tasting Uplifting Top Shelf, Premium Price

Enjoying this Stardawg for an evening playing video games with the boys. Right away I noticed the clean taste and how light the smoke felt on my lungs. I immediately felt my day melt away as I sunk into the couch and enjoyed my evening. I was able to converse with my friends with a nice happy/social buzz but my body felt fully relaxed as well. Great extract! For the quality it is worth the price, but a lot more people would buy if it was a few bucks cheaper.


Caesar (Flower) Review

Brand: The Happy Cannabis
Sound Cannabis
Review By: Kristen
Indoor Super sticky Pungent, earthy, sour Uplifting Top Shelf, Premium Price

I woke up completely dreading going to gym then I had a bowl of Caesar
and before I knew it I was 50 squats in and focused as hell. When I got
home I smoked another bowl, made myself a margarita and bronzed by the
pool. I love a good sativa strain that isn’t too racy and allows for an
early day of relaxing. And this is that perfect strain. Comments for the
Producer/Processor: Get the flower in something other than bags.
Doesn’t have to be jars but the bags aren’t very aesthetically pleasing.


Catholic School Girl (Flower) Review

Brand: Sky Standard Gardens
Producer: Sky Standard Gardens
Review By: Noelani
Sedative Top Shelf, Premium Price

Hands down some the the stickiest flower you will break down. Definitely a two person blunt rolling type situation. The Catholic School girl has an almost creamy chocolate type flavor, literally such a smooth exhale that makes it that much more enjoyable to smoke!

Talk about a walk on the high side. This is the perfect flower, if you’re having a bad day and in need of a sedative pick me up, the Catholic School Girl is the perfect flower to smoke a fat blunt of and just vibe to your favorite music. It is so smooth it literally has a “velvet feel” on the exhale. It leaves you feeling like you’re on cloud 9. Keep killing the game!



Original Glue (Flower) Review

Brand: Autrees Farms
Producer: Autrees Farms
Review By: Noelani
 So sticky, you could stick it to your forehead and leave it there.
Perfect combination of Sweet, and gassy. This is the definition of LOUD!
Balanced Top Shelf, Premium Price

The Original Glue by Autrees is the definition of a plant grown with love. Every time the buds are moist and sticky. The break down is phenomenal and it rolls perfectly. It hits you so heady at first, then rides out into the most euphoric body high. Literally the perfect any time of day smoke – if you are looking for an eye-heavy kind of high!


Cinderella's Dream (Infused Joint) Review

Brand: Smokey Point Productions
Producer: Rolling Farms
Review By: Cali
 Well-rolled Sweet, incense Uplifting Mid Shelf, Average Price

Made for a chatty ride home. Very active. Seemed to put the brain firing on all cylinders. I like that the pre-roll case was sealed nicely and the roll on the joint was well done.


Sherb Cake (Hi terp Sugarwax) Review

Brand: Sticky Frog
Producer: Phat n Sticky
Review By: Haley
 Golden amber color Sticky Sweet, oily, a slight vanilla taste Sedative Mid Shelf, Average Price

I love the package for the sticky frog wax, it looks a lot better now on the hard cardboard as opposed to the bags. One hit got me high. It was a pretty talkative high at first and then I got super lazy and sleepy!



Hawaiian Dutch Treat (Flower) Review

Brand: KaiDro
Producer: KaiDro
Review By: James
Big dense colas, cured great, sticky Perfect blend of haze and skunk, fruity, sweet, smooth Balanced Mid Shelf, Average Price

I first tried this strain from KaiDro because they came with it at the same time as SubX did with the exact same strain. I literally could not tell the difference when I took the challenge. I had my girl grind up a half gram of each and the KaiDro was almost impossible to tell apart from the SubX. That speaks volumes to me, being a grower since I was 12 I know quality product when I come by it! KaiDro has done an OUTSTANDING job with this strain, on a par with the best of the best and at the price point, it’s sure to keep customers coming back again and again! We love you Kai!


Palpatine (BHO Shatter) Review

Brand: Doc & Yeti
Producer: Doc & Yeti
Review By: Ashleen
Looks like it should be soft like Pull-nSnap, but definitely brittle,
like shatter. Sweet, fruity, clean Uplifting Top Shelf, Premium Price

I love Doc & Yeti’s Palpatine shatter mostly for its mood-lifting abilities. You can go into it having an awful day, hit the dab, and suddenly be seeing rainbows! Not only does it taste like a sweet fruity berry, the shatter is dry to the touch, stable and almost brittle – I can still roll a little shatter snake out of it for a spiral wax joint. 10/10 recommend for a bad day. Recommendations: No, I love what Doc & Yeti is doing!